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Equipment / Machinery Financing

Equipment & Machinery Financing

Finance your equipment purchase and grow your business.

Equipment financing is a type of business loan, which enables businesses to purchase equipment and machinery on credit via an operating lease, hire purchase, or a finance lease.

Max Repayment Period
Flat Fee added to principal (10%)
Interest Rate
1.9% – 4.5% (Flat p.a.)

Why you will like this?

  • Finance up to 90% of the valuation or purchase price
  • Tap on a government-assisted scheme if you wish
  • Choose a repayment period of up to 8 years

Who can apply?

  • Any company incorporated in Singapore for at least 2 years
  • At least 30% of the company must be owned by Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents

Tap into tomorrow's technologies to fuel your business growth

Invest in new equipment and machinery to improve your business’ operational efficiency and production capacity, while protecting the environment for future generations. Secure attractive rates across a wide range of equipment and machinery today!

Features and Benefits

Minimise upfront capital outlay

Finance up to 90% of the purchase price or market valuation.

Get approval within 48 hours

T&Cs apply.

Opt for a green E&M Loan

Enjoy lower rates on sustainable equipment & machinery.

Financeable Equipment and Machinery

Standard assets

Buy new or used assets to keep your business running smoothly and growing in line with your plans.

Fund a wide range of equipment across various industries including: 

  1. Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction (Forklifts, Excavators, Food Processors, Robotic and Precision Engineering Machinery)
  2. Medical, Biotech and Scientific (Dental, Ultrasound, Aesthetic Machines and Lab Equipment)
  3. Logistics (Material Handling Equipment and Heavy Goods Vehicles)
Sustainable assets

Enjoy lower rates on your sustainable assets that contribute to a greenery economy.

Fund a wide range of sustainable equipment. Popular ones include:

  1. Electric Forklifts and Reach Trucks
  2. Electric Trucks and Buses
  3. Waste Compactors, Granulators and Sorting Machines for recycling industries


How it works

Step 1:

Apply Online

Step 2:

Review and sign your loan offer

Step 3:

Receive your equipment and we'll pay your supplier directly

Why get your Equipment & Machinery Financing through Beez Rev?

A team that will support you

We have a dedicated team that will walk you through your entire loan process and help you do the market research you need.

We let lenders compete for your loan

Be ready to be spoilt for choice when we help you compare the best deals across all banks and non-banks so you only get the lowest interest rate and the highest cash out amount. Our rates are same as what the banks can offer or even better.