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MRA Grant

The MRA (Market Readiness Assistance Grant) is one of the best grants in Singapore to help companies to expand overseas.

This grant supports projects that help you:

  1. Promote your business overseas.
  2. Conduct business development overseas.
  3. Set up corporate presence overseas.
  • Be registered and operating in Singapore
    – ​Ideal to have at least one year of operating history with HQ in Singapore
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
    – Held directly or indirectly by SG citizens or PRs, by ultimate individual ownership
  • Be a Small-Medium Enterprise Group annual sales < SG$100 mil, OR group employment size < 200
    – Must be a New Market
    – Not have earned > SG$100,000 of revenue for any of the last 3 years from the target new overseas market

Important Things To Note

Grant Disbursement Process

  • Grant will be ent directly to the company’s bank account through GIRO after company has submitted claims.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the email address on BGP regarding the claims disbursement. ​​

Overall cap of Grant

  • Different types of productivity solutions have different caps, but the grant cap is typically SG$30K.
  • Support will be provided on pre-scoped packages sourced from a pre-approved vendor​.

Claims are on Reimbursement Basis

Claims can only be submitted when all project deliverables have been achieved.​

No Retrospective Funding

The PSG only supports projects that are new, have not commenced and which have not been paid for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coming soon.

To apply, sign in to the Business Grants Portal with your CorpPass. If you do not have a CorpPass account, please refer to the CorpPass Guide for instructions on how to set one up.

ESG officers may contact you via the Business Grant Portal or over email / phone for clarifications on your submission before giving you the grant application outcome.

If you are awarded the grant, your company will receive a Letter of Offer (LO) indicating the conditions of support and the amount of grant awarded. You need to acknowledge receipt and accept the LO (by clicking the ‘Accept’ button on Business Grant Portal) within the timeline indicated, otherwise the application would be considered invalid.

Key terms to take note in the Offer Letter:

1. Project Qualifying Period

  • This is critical, as any expenses paid outside of this period will not be claimable

2. Project Qualifying Cost and awarded Grant amounts

  • This is important, as it breaks down how much of the project costs are supported, and at what percentage levels

3. Project Deliverables

  • This is critical as you will need to meet all deliverables before your claims can be approved for grant disbursement after the project

Essentially, projects should have been completed within the specified qualifying period, and all project deliverables should have been achieved.

Step 1: Prepare Documents

Prepare the following documents required for claims submission (Claims submission checklist):

  • For first time applicants, complete the Giro form and mail it to the address indicated on the document, or complete the online ESG GIRO Form (FormSG) online.   
    • No action required if there is no change to the Giro details previously submitted to ESG.
  • Deliverables Documentation
    • Project Summary report (Project Summary report template)
    • Documentation of project deliverables (e.g. consultant’s report, images of equipment, etc)
  • Cost Items Documentation for audit (e.g. Invoices, bank statements, employment contract, etc.)

Step 2: Submit Claims on BGP and select auditors

Submit claims

  • Log on to the Business Grant Portal (BGP) and select “File a New Claim”. Refer to the BGP guide for more information.
  • Upload project summary report and documentation of project deliverables under “Project Report” tab in BGP.

Select auditors

  • During final claim submission in BGP, select an auditor from Enterprise Singapore’s Pre-Qualified Panel to verify your claims, unless expressly exempted by Enterprise Singapore.
  • Upload cost items documentation (e.g. invoices, bank statements) under “Supporting Documents” in BGP.
  • Upon completion of the above steps, submit the claim and record the claim number for future reference. If you require further technical support on your claim submission, please us.
  • An Enterprise Singapore officer will verify that the project deliverables have been met, and may contact you for further information if required. A site visit or presentation meeting may be arranged for this purpose. You may be asked to revise your Project Report if the information is incomplete.
  • Concurrently, the auditor that you have appointed will verify your claim documents and issue an Audit Report upon completion of the verification. The auditor may contact you for further information if required.
  • The approved claim amount will be disbursed within a few weeks via GIRO to your designed bank account after successful verification of project deliverables & expenses. 
  • You will be informed via email when the grant has been approved and disbursed.
  • An email will also be sent out by DBS to the email address stated in the GIRO form to confirm the transaction.