a BIG idea : How To Come Up With The Big Idea

big idea, unique mechanism, marketing strategy.

A lot of companies experienced tremendous growth because of one thing :


And in their marketing strategy, it is not about creating creatives or hired a super copywriter to craft the headlines and chunk of text in your marketing message.

Yes, the creatives, videos, editing or even copy helps a lot. But the crux of today’s company that is different is their BIG IDEA

If your company do not have one big idea, the likelyhood of thriving in today’s market will be difficult. But once you nail that idea, you will be able to standout from your competitors and conquer your own market share.

A BIG IDEA, also known as:
– Hook
– Unique Mechanism
– Big Promise

Whatever name you named it, and this is for sure: When you sit down and brain storm your big idea, your business will be set. Set For Life.

So, what is a big idea that I’m talking about ? A big idea is an offer that allows you to stand out from the rest of your competitors. It is something your group of target audience has not heard before. It is commonly being referred to as – Unique Mechanism.

Without a big idea, your marketing strategy can still work, however, it will be lacklustre and would never go viral or hit a home run because you will sound the same like the rest of the offers that are fighting for the same attention from the same group.

Want to know what are some of the commonly seen big idea that are floating in the weight loss industry ?

“Keto Diet”
“Mediterranean Diet”

I bet you have heard of these fanciful diet. Those that come up with these make money initially. But if you try the same idea today, it won’t have work well.

Let me share with you this ONE method that I’ve been learning from Evaldo Albuquerque 16-word sales letter and is currently implementing it in the business.

Even though it is more inclined towards copywriting, but it is practical in your big idea ideation.

and this is his 16 word sales letter. ” The secret to converting copy is to define the one belief, then answer these ten questions ”

The formula is the following : This NEW OPPORTUNITY is the key to THEIR DESIRE and it’s only attainable through my NEW MECHANISM.

Back to the ten questions, these are the ten questions you should asked yourself when you are planning your marketing strategy.

1. How is my product/service different from everything else I’ve seen ?
2. What’s in it for the customer ?
3. How do the customer know what you said is real?
4. What’s holding your customer back from the buy button?
5. Who/what is to blame ?
6. Why should your customer buy now ?
7. Why should your customer trust you ?
8. How does your product/service work ?
9. How can your customer get started ?
10. What are the risk that your customer will faced (What do they have to lose) ?

Using the weight loss example above, this is how one can market their service if they are in this industry.

“Studies shows if you go to bed stressed, your body will produce more fat cells and if you go to bed without stress, your body will burn fat”

With this marketing big idea, I can sell a product or promote a service that helps to alleviates stress (new mechanism) for the target audience to get their desire (lose fat).

Got the idea now ?

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